Make Your Own Gin With Adnams

Adnams have been brewing beer since 1872, and whilst beer and pubs remain at the heart of our business, we also make our own hand-crafted spirits.

We’ve been distilling spirits since November 2010 and in that time our Southwold-made gins have gathered an impressive collection of awards – including the prestigious Gin Trophy at the International Wine & Spirit Competition for our Copper House Gin.

Adnams Gin

Our gins are made from locally-grown barley which we ferment to a brewery ‘wash’ at about 7% abv. This ‘wash’ is then distilled in our small-batch copper pot still, together with carefully selected botanicals. Our gins are naturally full of flavour, so they are delicious served simply over ice with good tonic and a slice of lime. A recent discovery is gin served with coconut water (use this is a similar quantity as you would tonic) over ice. It’s deliciously tropical and glorious on a hot day.

We’ve come a long way since we first opened our Copper House Distillery in 2010 in the heart of our brewery in Southwold. Since then, our Distillery has been steadily growing and we’ve built a new room next to our original stills to house two new copper pot stills. One will be used to make gin (including an exciting new gin which we’ll be releasing later this year) and the other has an alembic head on it which is perfect for making whisky as well as Adnams Spirit of Broadside and our apple spirit, Pomme Pom.

One of the most important stories for us to get across is that each Adnams Copper House spirit is made from grain to glass. That’s an attribute that most distillers do not have – the ability to make a spirit from start to finish – from the locally-sourced malted grains all the way through to the finished products, just as Adnams makes its beers.

Adnams, Southwold

Adnams Marketing Director, Emma Hibbert comments, “Adnams spirits continue to be a terrific success story. As soon as we began distilling in Southwold, less than five years ago, our spirits have proved very popular with our customers and have picked up many international awards, as the market for craft distilling continues to grow and develop.”

Make Your Own Gin

Have you ever wanted to create your very own gin? Perhaps you’d like to learn about distilling by taking a more hands-on approach? If so, then the Adnams Make Your Own Gin experience is for you.

Come and spend a couple of hours in the Adnams Copper House Distillery where one of our Gin Makers will guide you through the process of making your own gin, from selecting your own botanicals, through to the distillation process and naming, then labelling, your personal bottle.

To find out more and book, visit the Adnams website -

Adnams Gin

Adnams are based in Southwold, just over an hour's drive from both The Angel and the Salthouse Harbour Hotel, and less than a ten minute walk from Southwold Pier

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