The Modern Day Indiana Jones comes to Suffolk

Pedro Parra is the person credited with discovering many of the top vineyard sites across Chile, as well as revolutionising the way in which iconic wineries such as Montes plant and manage their vineyards.

Parra is a leading figure of the New Chile movement, for his constant endeavour to bring a new vision to the Chilean wine industry, with his search for quality terroirs and developing exciting new plantations throughout the country.

The key to this has been to move the plantings away from the fertile plains and up the slopes into the Andean and Coastal ranges, where the rockier soils result in lower vine vigour and deeper roots, which Pedro believes gives better balance and more finesse to the wines. The same philosophy is applied at Clos des Fous.

This work as a ‘Terroir Hunter’ led Pedro to search for and discover outstanding terroirs throughout Chile for established varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and in the process find suitable sites to introduce other varieties not conventionally grown in Chile (Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache and Carignan). His personal project Clos de Fous is a prime example of the pioneering work Pedro is doing in Chile.

Parra studied the terroirs of Burgundy, Rhône and Bordeaux extensively with the most respected French experts before returning to Chile to start his wine revolution. The name Clos des Fous refers to the 12 years that both Pedro and François spent studying and working in Burgundy, as well as to what their peers described as their 'craziness' in crossing the traditional Chilean vineyard boundaries to source grapes from those in the extreme conditions further south and east.

Robert Gough, owner and CEO of Gough Hotels visited the vineyards this year, and hasn’t stopped raving about them since. 'The guy is a genius and I love his wine. We’ve put it straight on the wine list and I am sure it is only the start of a great range of Chilean wine that will appearing on our shores soon, and I can’t wait.’

Clos des Fous is now served in both The Angel and the Salthouse Harbour Hotel, and is proving very popular with our guests.

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